Atelier Relief designs and produces sculpted images, « Reliefs ». Here, everything is relief. As the architect’s structure rises from the ground, the Atelier’s is built upon a photograph. Shifting from two to three dimensions, recomposed in its three planes, photography renews its ties with its source: the real world. A rebirth.

The Relief exits from any frame. It sets photography free, un-framing and unfolding it. Worked on as a flat surface upon a table, studied, cut-out and divided into strips or sections, it takes shape along its focal lines. The Relief divides an image without weakening it. It multiplies the image. It animates it, making it stand out like a pop-up. The Relief gives movement. The image is no longer passive but active. It becomes a spatial object, a vessel of images, a racing sailboat set high upon its foils, propelled by its wing, a space station in zero-gravity, panels deployed.

The Atelier seeks human and artistic contact. A three-fold space of creation, production and exhibition, it creates photo-reliefs: pure objects of photography but also of design.